We Have Firewood for Sale in Lubbock, TX

We Have Firewood for Sale in Lubbock, TX

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Are you looking for a new way to add flavor to your smoked meats? Do you need firewood to keep your home cozy or have a bonfire? Slide Plant Market has firewood for sale in Lubbock, TX. Come talk to one of our team members about your firewood needs, and we'll help you pick the best type for your situation.

Come to Slide Plant Market in Lubbock, TX to buy top-notch firewood.

Take your barbeque to the next level

Impress your family and friends at the next backyard cookout by using our barbeque wood when you grill. Our barbeque wood will lend a subtle flavor to your meats and vegetables. We carry...

  • Mesquite wood
  • Hickory wood
  • Oak wood
  • Apple wood
  • Peach wood
  • Cherry wood

No matter what you're cooking, we have firewood for sale that will bring out incredible flavors. Step up your grilling game with our barbeque wood.