Let Your Garden Bloom

Let Your Garden Bloom

Buy perennial flowers in Lubbock, TX

Watching your plants grow from tiny seeds to beautiful blooms is one of the best feelings. Slide Plant Market wants to help every gardener-from amateur to expert-get the garden they've always wanted. If you want to buy perennial flowers or annual flowers for your garden in Lubbock, TX, come to our plant nursery.

We sell...

  • Hibiscus flowers
  • Red yucca flowers

... and so many other blooming flowers. Come to Slide Plant Market today to buy perennial flowers and annual flowers that will make your garden stand out.

Stop to smell the roses

Add an elegant, timeless look to your landscape with roses. Rose bushes come in a variety of colors, patterns and styles that will complement any yard in Lubbock, TX. They can survive in a number of different soil types and don't require excessive amounts of water, so even gardening beginners can grow them. Not to mention, you'll never have to make last minute trips on Valentine's Day for roses. Your bushes will provide beautiful blooms for years to come.